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Welcome to our cybersecurity blog. In this section, our customers will find the most important events of each month on protection in cyberspace. At ANIDA Latam, we focus on offering customized cybersecurity solutions for each of our clients, and we know that staying informed in a constantly evolving environment is essential to achieve effective protection.

In this section, our clients will have access to a wide variety of cybersecurity-related topics, from new threats and vulnerabilities to best practices and recommendations for keeping their systems and data secure. In addition, our team of cybersecurity experts has a wealth of experience to support our clients in better understanding the risks and how to properly protect themselves.

At ANIDA Latam, we are committed to the security of our clients and we believe that education and information are key to achieve effective protection in today's digital world. We hope you find this section of our blog useful and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require more information about our cybersecurity services. 

We share ideas on innovation and IT news and much more through our LinkedIn Anida Latam page.

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database management tips

Managing a database can have its complexities if we are not specially trained for it, ranging from simple problems to issues that could really become a "headache" for the company because, ultimately, it will affect access to information that is key to the business.

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HR Process Automation: How can your company benefit?

Do you want to know the benefits that RPA can bring to the HR area of your organization? A
below, we share some of the keys to automate processes and routine tasks in this department, freeing your employees
and routine tasks of this department, freeing your employees to focus on more strategic tasks.
strategic tasks.

anida cloud management

How to optimize the potential of the cloud by addressing its various dimensions and without becoming disillusioned?

Addressing the different stages and complexities of the cloud journey will enable organizations to meet their expectations and deliver the expected benefits.

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RPA Which processes to choose to automate?

According to Statista data, the global RPA market is expected to grow to over US$13 billion by 2030. These are important projections for a technology that promises to continue to grow due to its productivity benefits. If your company intends to start an automation project, it is key to have a clear definition of which processes are best to consider.

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Anida Latam reaffirms its focus on customer satisfaction through a new Service Management Department

Based on its premise of "customer satisfaction and loyalty", Anida Latam informed that it has restructured its Operations Management, led by ...

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RPA: What processes can we streamline in finance?

Globally, the RPA market is expected to grow to over US$13 billion by 2030, important projections for a technology that promises to continue to rise due to its productivity benefits. We invite you to learn about some of the use cases of Robotic Process Automation in the Finance area.

anida cloud management services

How to efficiently manage the cloud?

When we talk about cloud, we also need to talk about management. Having the support of an expert and the right technology ...

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Five basic criteria for designing a multi-cloud environment

Laying the necessary foundations to accelerate application modernization certainly requires cloud environments. We have already seen how the pandemic demonstrated that without the cloud many organizations would not have been able to continue operating. But it is no longer just about cloud, but rather about multicloud. And as companies transform their applications, it is clear that a single cloud is unable to meet all the needs derived. How to create a multicloud environment? VMware shares some recommendations.

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