Multicloud Managed Services that address monitoring, operation and administration, through processes, technologies and people. Backed by the best brands in the global market.

Multicloud Business Continuity

ANIDA Service Desk (MSA)

  • Receipt and registration of applications.
  • Control and follow-up of incidents or requests.
  • Scaling among the various specialist areas.

Multicloud Operation

  • Review of basic operating parameters by checklist.
  • Level 1 support (automated and manual) based on procedures. 
  • Incident management. 

Multicloud Monitoring 

  • IaaS and PaaS Cloud Active Component Monitoring. 
  • Predictive Monitoring 
  • Anomaly Monitoring and Prediction of all Cloud Services using an APM.

Multicloud Management 

  • Administration of Virtual Servers in IaaS and/or PaaS. 
  • Administration of virtual networks
  • Storage management.
  • Management of checklists between security groups. 
  • Management of routing tables between services.
  • Administration of users, groups, profiles and user permissions. 

Backup Management 

  • Backup configuration and its life cycle.
  • Cloud Services (at machine image level).


  • Service Manager for the Management and Follow-up of customer requirements.
  • Online Reporting (Self-Service Portal).

Billing Management Services Billing Management Services

In order to support the digital transformation process of our customers, we provide world leading technologies and tools for Billing Cloud Management, to deliver:

  • Dynamic reporting of resource usage, cost and performance. 
  • Security policies and threat alerts.
  • Multi-cloud support for major clouds (AWS, Azure).

Cloud Economics

We make available to the market professional services that allow us to review the client's existing systems, and provide guidance for the incorporation of best practices for the use of Public Cloud services and their cost optimization.

  • Delivery of customized reports by Cost Centers
  • Rightsizing Reports on Infrastructure
  • Unused Infrastructure Management Reports
  • Savings Plan Reports
  • Reserves Management Reports
  • Government Policy Reports
  • Exposure to Safety Risks
  • Container Cost Management


  • RightSizing
  • Reservations
  • Compliance
  • Security 
  • Multicloud Standard Reports

Multicloud management is a service that provides a comprehensive solution for managing and coordinating multiple cloud services from different providers. This service is especially useful for companies and organizations that use different cloud providers to host their applications and data, and need a solution to centrally manage them and optimize their use.

At ANIDALatam, we offer multi-cloud management services that allow companies to control and manage their cloud services from different providers from a single platform, allowing them to save valuable time and resources in managing their IT infrastructure.

Our multi-cloud management services include integration of different cloud platforms, management of network and security infrastructure, monitoring and analysis of cloud services, migration of data and applications to the cloud, and performance and cost optimization.

In addition, we have a highly trained team of cloud and technology experts who provide support and advice at all times to ensure that companies get the maximum benefit from their cloud services.

At ANIDALatam, we understand that each company has unique needs in terms of its IT infrastructure and cloud services, so we offer customized and flexible solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client.

In short, our multi-cloud management services offer a comprehensive solution for managing multiple cloud services, allowing companies to improve their efficiency, optimize their costs and improve their performance. If you are looking for a solution to manage your cloud services, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our multi-cloud management services.

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