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fortinet' cyberattacks

More than 9.4 billion attempted cyberattacks in 2021 in Chile

In 2021, Chile suffered more than 9.4 billion attempted cyber-attacks, according to data collected by FortiGuard Labs, the Chilean ...

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Five basic criteria for designing a multi-cloud environment

Laying the necessary foundations to accelerate application modernization certainly requires cloud environments. We have already seen how the pandemic demonstrated that without the cloud many organizations would not have been able to continue operating. But it is no longer just about cloud, but rather about multicloud. And as companies transform their applications, it is clear that a single cloud is unable to meet all the needs derived. How to create a multicloud environment? VMware shares some recommendations.

img cloud nida

Looking for a solid cloud security strategy

One of the concerns of top IT leaders is security. In fact, a recent Accenture study ...

nested cloud governance

Best practices in cloud governance

When we address issues related to cloud governance, one of the key elements in the strategy we want to implement is to identify groups of resources to manage and, in that sense, the best tool we have at hand are the Tags.

anida cloud storage

Data: The top priority for companies in 2021

Data is fundamental to the operation of the business, as is service continuity, so good backup management is key to the operation and growth of today's companies.

anida ransomware hacking

Decalogue to stay safe from ransomware

Ransomware has become one of the main threats to cybersecurity. With the pandemic, its numbers increased even more, making it clear that this risk is a real and growing concern that can affect any company. How to protect yourself?

nested storage evolution

The Evolution of Storage: From Floppy Disk to the Cloud

The evolution of technology is no stranger to storage, and as more data is generated from the edge to the cloud, its management becomes more complex, making the exploitation of data for the benefit of the business impossible. From Anida Latam we present Unified Data Ops, HPE's vision that seeks to eliminate the complexity of storage management and unleash the power of data.

The 3 keys to Machine Learning for operations

As the data sets collected by organizations increase in size and complexity, it is impossible to analyze them manually. Although companies can create some performance graphs of their systems, it is highly complex to identify unusual behaviors and anomalies in all their data in real time.

Machine Learning is here to solve it.