ANIDA's Datacenter solutions provide a scalable and agile architecture to meet the new challenges of digitization, ensuring timely access to our customers' critical business information.

IT Platform

Disaster Recovery

To maintain the operational continuity of your business

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The cloud that encompasses public and private

Anida Servers

Networking IT Platforms

Availability and quality of service



Centralized administration, optimizing desktop support activities.



Optimizing business continuity



Logical packaging mechanism

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The best enterprise server solutions and technologies.

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Highly scalable storage solutions

nesting hyperconvergence


Transform operations with integrated out-of-the-box systems

nest virtualization


Enables space reduction in data centers

ANIDA Latam offers IT Platform solutions that are fundamental for digital transformation and business growth. IT platforms are the foundation of business processes and operations, and their proper functioning is key to the success of companies in today's environment.

At ANIDA Latam, we offer customized solutions for each company, adapting to their specific needs. We have a team of technology and systems experts who design, implement and maintain IT platforms for our clients.

Our IT Platforms solutions include virtualization, storage, networking and security services, among others. Virtualization enables the creation of virtual environments that optimize the use of technological resources, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Storage is essential for enterprise data management, and our cloud storage solutions enable secure and fast access to data anytime, anywhere. Networks are the foundation of enterprise connectivity, and our networking solutions offer high performance and flexibility. Security is a critical aspect of any IT platform, and our security solutions ensure that data and business systems are protected.

At ANIDA Latam, we also offer consulting and advisory services for the optimization of existing IT platforms. Our experts analyze the needs of each company and propose customized solutions that improve the efficiency and profitability of existing systems.

In addition, our IT Platform solutions are designed to meet international quality and security standards. We work with the leading technology and systems manufacturers in the market to offer innovative and high quality solutions.

In short, ANIDA Latam offers high quality IT Platform solutions customized for each company. Our team of technology and systems experts is committed to our clients' success and works closely with them to ensure the efficiency and profitability of their business systems. Contact us to learn more about our IT Platform solutions and how we can help you transform your business in today's digital environment.

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