We live in a hyper-connected world where everyone and increasingly everything is generating and sharing data, creating new value and driving new business velocity. Meanwhile, everyone is on a transformation journey to keep pace. The cloud has been a proven catalyst, but now it's different because the world is hybrid and becoming more so as new technologies and services are adopted.

There is no one-size-fits-all cloud. Enterprises increasingly operate both private and public edge clouds. We define hybrid cloud as a system of cloud services that spans public and private, on-premises and off-premises. The hybrid nature allows greater flexibility to meet the requirements of individual applications and users with consistent experience, cost control, security and governance, whether they live at the edge. Or in the cloud.

Our solutions for hybrid environments help enterprises accelerate journeys to the cloud, with an open and objective approach to achieving the right mix of public clouds and driving on-premises cloud transformation.

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The Hybrid Cloud solution is a technology platform that combines public cloud and private cloud to provide an efficient and flexible IT management experience. This solution allows companies to increase their data processing and storage capacity without having to invest in costly infrastructure.

One of the main advantages of the Hybrid Cloud solution is the flexibility it offers companies. Companies can choose which applications and data should be in the public cloud and which should be in the private cloud, depending on their specific needs. This solution also offers the ability to move applications and data between both clouds in real time, allowing companies to quickly adapt to fluctuations in demand.

Another important advantage of the Hybrid Cloud solution is the security it provides. The private cloud is used to host critical and confidential data, while the public cloud is used for applications that do not require a high level of security. This allows companies to have greater control over the security of their data and applications.

In addition, the Hybrid Cloud solution enables companies to reduce costs. Instead of having to invest in expensive infrastructure, companies can use resources in the public cloud, which are less expensive. This allows companies to save money in the short term and reduce their dependence on local infrastructure.

Finally, the Hybrid Cloud solution also offers increased availability and scalability. Enterprises can leverage the high availability of the public cloud and the scalability of the private cloud to ensure that their applications and data are always available and can grow based on demand.

In short, the Hybrid Cloud solution is a technology platform that offers flexibility and security.

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