Increase the performance of your networks by incorporating high-speed solutions for your L2/L3 connectivity. High-speed switches will enable up to 25x performance improvements over traditional networks, achieving standard speeds of 25GB/s per port for TOR architectures and 100GB/s configurations for stacking.

Solutions available through copper and fiber cabling.


ANIDALATAM is a leading company in integrated Information Technology (IT) solutions customized to the specific needs of each client. Among the solutions offered by ANIDALATAM is the implementation of LAN (Local Area Network) solutions, also known as local area networks.

LAN networks are fundamental in the business world, as they allow the connection of devices such as computers, servers, printers and other network devices in a limited area. ANIDALATAM has a team of highly trained LAN experts who are responsible for designing, implementing and managing LAN solutions for its clients.

ANIDALATAM offers customized LAN solutions that adapt to the needs of each client, from small businesses to large corporations. Among the LAN solutions that ANIDALATAM offers are:

  • Analysis of the environment: ANIDALATAM performs a detailed analysis of the environment to determine the LAN coverage needs and the location of the access points.

  • Network design: ANIDALATAM designs a customized LAN network, including the location of access points and network configuration.

  • Network implementation: ANIDALATAM implements the LAN and performs tests to ensure that the network is functioning optimally.

  • Monitoring and support: ANIDALATAM proactively monitors the LAN to detect and solve problems quickly. In addition, ANIDALATAM offers technical support to help customers in case of problems.

Among the advantages of having an ANIDALATAM LAN solution is the ability to work more efficiently and securely. Connecting devices in a LAN network allows employees to share resources and data more efficiently and securely, which increases the company's productivity and efficiency.

Another important advantage of having a LAN solution from ANIDALATAM is the reduction of costs in the installation and maintenance of the network. By using local area network technology, ANIDALATAM is able to reduce the costs necessary to install and maintain the network.

In addition, ANIDALATAM's LAN solution enables greater network security. ANIDALATAM implements advanced security measures to protect the LAN network against cyber threats, which translates into greater security for the company.

Another important benefit of having an ANIDALATAM LAN solution is the increased flexibility of the network. The LAN allows employees to connect to the network from anywhere within the network coverage area, which translates into greater flexibility and mobility for the company.

In conclusion, ANIDALATAM is a company that offers comprehensive information technology solutions customized for each client. Its experience in the implementation of LAN solutions, from environment analysis to technical support, allows companies to work more efficiently, securely and flexibly. In addition, by relying on a LAN solution from ANIDALATAM, companies can reduce network installation and maintenance costs and have advanced security measures in place. In short, ANIDALATAM is an excellent option for companies looking for LAN network solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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