GreenLake is the pay-per-use model created by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and available for the local market through ANIDA. It offers public cloud services and infrastructure as a service, for local workloads, fully managed on a pay-as-you-go model in the enterprise, in the cloud or in the data center. 

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to applications and data everywhere, enabling enterprises to adopt transformative technology faster and simplify operations. It makes it possible to deploy services quickly and access one of the largest existing hardware and software infrastructures in the industry. 

HPE GreenLake delivers the modern cloud experience where the customer needs it, all managed as a service, with operation, management and monitoring by ANIDA.

Containers as a Service Platform (CPaaS)

Accelerate your Transformation

Again from one of the Industry leaders, ANIDA based on the pay-per-use model - GreenLake from HPE EZMERAL - makes available Container Platform as a Service, a unified container software platform based on open source Kubernetes and designed for cloud native and non-cloud native applications running on any local infrastructure, in multiple public clouds, in a hybrid model or on the edge, designed, modernized and operated by ANIDA.


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High Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS)

Innovation within everyone's reach

Based on GreenLake, a pay-per-use model created by Hewlett Packard Enterprise ANIDA provides a solution that combines the power of a high-performance computing infrastructure with highly efficient systems and solutions to solve scientific, engineering and data analysis problems.

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Anida HPE is a pay-per-use solution developed by Anida LATAM in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) that offers efficient and scalable management of your company's IT resources.

This solution, designed to optimize application performance and reduce costs, is based on HPE's GreenLake platform, which enables organizations to pay for the use of IT resources, including hardware, software and managed services, based on their specific needs.

GreenLake is a flexible and customizable solution that adapts to the changing needs of your business, allowing you to increase or decrease IT resource consumption as needed. With GreenLake, your business can stay agile and respond quickly to market demands.

In addition to offering flexibility and scalability, GreenLake is also a sustainable solution that helps reduce your company's carbon footprint. By optimizing the consumption of IT resources, GreenLake helps minimize energy waste and reduce carbon emissions.

In conclusion, ANIDA HPE is a pay-per-use solution that allows companies to have a high quality and high performance technological infrastructure without the need to make a significant initial investment. This solution is based on HPE servers and can be tailored to the specific needs of each client.

ANIDA HPE offers numerous benefits for companies, including the flexibility and scalability of the solution, as well as reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs. In addition, the solution is fully managed by ANIDA, allowing customers to focus on their core business without worrying about managing their technology infrastructure.

In summary, ANIDA HPE is an ideal solution for companies that want high quality technology and performance without making a significant initial investment, and are looking for flexibility and scalability in their technology infrastructure. ANIDA takes care of the entire process, from implementation to management and maintenance, allowing customers to focus on their business objectives.