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Anida Latam strengthens its link with global channels at TD SYNNEX event

Anida Latam recently participatedó the workshop "A trip to the end of the world", organized by the worldwide distributor TD SYNNEX. At the event, the portfolios of AMD, Dell, Microsoft and VMWare brands were presented.

The activity held in El Calafate, a city in the Argentine Patagonia, was organized by TD SYNNEX, and seeks to strengthen the cross-selling of the invited channels, to promote various products among their customers. In addition, the event consolidated the synergy and networking between channels from Chile and Argentina.

On the occasion, the commercial strategies of each of these vendors were presented, and particularly how Anida Latam shows these portfolios and their added value among its different clients.

The meeting was attended by more than 20 representatives of sales channels, among which Anida Latam stood out for successfully adapting to the rapid dynamics of commercial evolution of various technological components worldwide.

The meeting evaluated the different commercial alternatives currently being developed by those attending the event, for a better understanding of the entire ecosystem: brands, distributors, channels and customers.

"It was a very good opportunity to bring together channels from Chile and Argentina, organized by TD SYNNEX, one of the largest distributors worldwide. It gave us the opportunity to get to know howáIt gave us the opportunity to learn about the global strategies of each of the attending channels and how we can relate to each other to offer integral value-added solutions", said Adolfo Tassara, CEO of Anida Latam, who attended the event.

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