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In the global context, technology becomes a critical factor in productivity.

We are on global alert for the advance of Covid-19. With controlling the spread of the virus, technology emerges as the most effective tool for global economic activity to continue.

The home office is imposed as the safest way for people to work. The remote monitoring and administration services of the IT platforms become the best alternative so that companies do not lose productivity.

“There is technology so that companies systems can continue to operate without losing efficiency, with 7×24 monitoring, administration and support systems; and so that people work from home productively and safely, as if they were in the office”, points out Manuel Gaete, Commercial Manager of ANIDA Chile.

Managed IT systems allow remote monitoring, operation, administration, support, backup, and security services to be provided to companies’ IT platforms, covering networking, data center, storage, cloud, applications, and databases. “They are complemented with remote antivirus monitoring and administration systems, monitoring and administration of perimeter security equipment such as firewalls, management of backups in the cloud for servers and end-users, and DRP backup solutions in the cloud,” emphasize the ANIDA executive.

Likewise, remote work is enhanced with productivity and collaboration solutions in the cloud, such as Office 365, allowing people to access all the applications necessary to perform their functions remotely and work collaboratively to communicate and share information safely. According to Gabriel Ledesma, Preventa y Productos de ANIDA Chile-Perú, “technologies such as NAC, for the control of secure access to networks, for example, allow people to access the computer resources of companies, complying with the protocols of security in place, to safeguard the information and the security of the systems.”

The most advanced IT providers deliver these services through highly available security and control centers. In the case of ANIDA, they have a SOC and NOC for Chile and Peru, which complement robotic process automation and machine learning technologies. “We introduced a digital operation force via RPA to guarantee IT operational continuity, and we relied on machine learning to achieve predictive monitoring, improving SLAs and the experience of our clients,” says Gabriel Ledesma.

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