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Backup Platform Administration The top priority for companies in 2021

Your data is essential for the operation of your business. Preventing data loss and keeping services operational is one of the main and most critical tasks in businesses today.

It requires designing a data protection policy that allows critical information to be recovered in case of contingencies, especially in times like the one we live in today, in which companies are under constant pressure to increase revenue, maximize efficiency and reduce costs and risks.

These demands translate into zero tolerance for downtime and data loss. If data, applications or servers are not available, companies run the risk of losing revenue, customers and opportunities, as well as accumulated penalties and causing harm to their customers.

ANIDA’s Backup Platform Management services are governed by demanding regulations regarding information security -for example, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013- in order to safeguard the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the supported and managed information. by the Managed Service Provider.

What tasks does the administration of Backup Platforms require?

When hiring a service of this type, it is important to verify that they include the necessary operational and administrative tasks. These must be regulated, coordinated, and framed in the definitions of the supplier’s methodology and good industry practices.

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