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HR Process Automation: How can your company benefit?

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Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a technology that allows the automation of processes in different business areas, which helps employees to focus on activities that generate real value for the company. 

According to estimates, almost half of the world's labor activities may be automated in the coming years, so we will continue to see their growing application in different market sectors.

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In this sense, today this technology has become a great ally for companies. In particular, automation in Human Resources is a tool that allows this area to gain agility and flexibility by automatically performing processes that are routine and take time away from employees, so that they can spend it on other more strategic tasks. For example, the creation of new accounts for the employee or the registration in the database, payroll processing or its use to reduce the number of documents that are processed manually and manage them digitally. 

Next, José Campos, Project and Automation Manager at Anida Latam, presents some use cases we can find in this sector that show how this technology allows the HR area to automate repetitive manual work and free up time for more challenging tasks:

Employee data

  • Automation of employee entry, transfer and termination.
  • Data cleansing of status changes, name changes and other changes.

Management of expenses and reimbursements

  • Notification and routing of approvals.
  • Rule-based logic requirements for standards processing.
  • Notification of abnormalities and trends in expenditures.

Employee benefits

  • Reconciliation of vendor invoices against the employee list.
  • Management of salary deductions through invoices.
  • Routing of vacation requests during each pay period.
  • General pay period process management and workflows.

Validation of recorded time

  • Review employee time records daily for accuracy and completion.
  • Routing notifications of missing employee information to resolve errors and maximize payroll accuracy.
  • Automated reporting and auditing to manage overtime usage forecasting.

Payroll processing

  • Execution of standard payroll batch statements and routing of payrolls for processing.
  • Run standard payroll validations against data to reduce human intervention prior to gross-to-net calculation.

Expense analytics and reporting

  • Data capture and cleansing for automated report generation.
  • Pre-population of complex periodic reporting requirements.
  • Auto-routing and delivery of repetitive reports.
  • Automated audit trails for document routing.

User onboarding/provisioning

  • Processing of application records through the submission of the initial application.
  • Routing and automation of new hire notification processes.
  • Interaction with applications such as Active Directory for accurate and complete information processing.
  • Use of new hire data to trigger activation of user credential creation.

Training and development management

  • Review of the status of employee certifications against requirements.
  • Notification to employees, managers and compliance with certification requirements.
  • Connecting disparate talent management systems.

Through a Smart Automation offering, focused on optimizing the performance, efficiency and execution quality of customers' business processes through intelligent automation, Anida Latam can achieve different use cases such as those mentioned above. 

If you would like to learn more about this new offering available as RPA as a Service (RaaS), we invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialists.

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